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ClearLungs® is our original award-winning lung formula adapted from an ancient Chinese combination. The ingredients in ClearLungs Classic are known to help:

  • Support free-breathing*
  • Keep airways open*
  • Help maintain balanced mucus levels*

RidgeCrest Herbals encourages you to make locally sourced air part of a well-balanced breakfast. ClearLungs Classic is a synergistic blend of Chinese herbs that help the body maintain thorough and favorable respiratory-health functions.

Due to its unique effectiveness and sophisticated approach, this product has been the number-one selling natural lung health product in the United States since 1998 – unlike Trucker Tom’s Totally Terrible Breath-Enhancer. This powerful, one-of-a-kind Chinese herbal formula combines the beneficial traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) properties of 13 perfectly balanced herbs. So, herb it up!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Not for sale in California without Prop 65 warning.

Awards for ClearLungs

  • 2020 Taste For Life Essentials Award, Respiratory Support (Spring)
  • 2020 Taste For Life Immunity Essentials Awards, Respiratory Support (Fall)


All ClearLungs formulations are most effective when paired with a healthy lifestyle:

  • Losing extra pounds, especially around the middle, will positively impact respiratory function and get your mom to stop making snide comments about “portion control.”
  • Cultivating a habit of deeper breathing – do your part for humanity!
  • Sufficient rest and exercise.
  • Removing inflammatory foods from the diet.
  • Avoidance of allergens and dust, and from warm, humidified air in winter.

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Product Information



Will ClearLungs Classic make me jittery or nervous?

No. ClearLungs Classic doesn’t have any stimulants and won’t make you feel jittery or nervous. If you struggle with these symptoms on a regular basis, we recommend trying Adrenal Fatigue Fighter™ or Anxiety Free™.

Will ClearLungs Classic keep me awake at night/prevent me from sleeping?

No. There are no stimulants in ClearLungs Classic and it shouldn’t affect your sleep. If you struggle with falling or staying asleep, we recommend trying DreamOn™ Zen.

Are there any side effects from taking ClearLungs Classic? (Risks?)

No. ClearLungs Classic has no known side effects and is made of gentle herbs that aren’t known to create any negative issues. However, as everyone is different, if a reaction does occur we ask that you contact our customer service department so we can track it.

Should I take this product if I am pregnant or nursing?

While many customers have taken ClearLungs safely while pregnant and nursing, there are two ingredients (Dong Quai and Licorice Root) that in larger doses may be contraindicated. Therefore, we recommend that if you’re pregnant, consult with a healthcare practitioner familiar with the effects of herbal remedies before taking this product.

Is ClearLungs Classic habit-forming?

No, ClearLungs Classic cannot cause dependence.



4 oz


2 × 2 × 4 cm

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